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BLP 40. A Deepening Walk with the Holy Spirit: Healing

In this episode, Carter continues his conversation with Tammy Chapman (The Chapel, Lake County) on engaging with the Holy Spirit and investigating supernatural healing.

BLP 39. A Deepening Walk with the Holy Spirit

In this episode, Carter interviews Tammy Chapman (The Chapel, Lake County) about how the gift of tongues deepened her walk with the Holy Spirit.

What to Do When You Don’t Understand Your Life

Part of spiritual maturity is growing in faith that God tells us WHAT we need to know WHEN it’s time to know it.

3 Questions You Can Ask to Develop Your Spiritual Gifts

You only get one life. How can you use it to make a big impact? In this video, we’re going to look at three questions you can ask to develop your spiritual gifts so you can focus on doing what only you can do.

A Pattern for Partnering with the Holy Spirit in Ministry

In our hurting world, we have endless opportunities to minister to others, and it’s so needed. But, are you taking advantage of the authority given to you to minister like Jesus? Pastor Jamie Wamsley shares a simple but profound model, a step by step how-to partner with God to encourage others in a way we alone are utterly incapable.

ALL Pre-Categorizing of People Is Evil

It’s alarming how quickly so many are to call someone else a racist. Of course, we mustn’t shrink back from demanding justice where racism exists, but we need to remember that the enemy is not just ‘out there,’ but also IN HERE. Any time we pre-categorize people (even as a racist), we mentally assign a value to their personhood that is less than our own or someone else’s, and we are committing the same heart-sin as a racist.

The Problem of Shallow Christianity

How would you rate your Kingdom comprehension? Is Christianity simply a box we check, a free pass to heaven, or is there more to the story? Join Pastors Carter and Jamie Wamsley as they delve deep into what Jesus’ Gospel shows us about the Kingdom of God and what it could mean to the Church and our lives, today.

You Need to Let Go of the Ending | When Your World Caves In (Part 4 of 4)

You’ve been through the fire, tried all the steps, done all you know to do, and yet your situation didn’t change, the thorn in your flesh hasn’t been removed, and your righteousness hasn’t shown like the sun (Psalm 37:6).

Don’t Lose Hope That You Will Laugh Again | When Your World Caves In (Part 3 of 4)

What do we do when the world has caved in but no one, not even God, seems to be willing to come dig us out?


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