Overcoming Insecurity as a Female Leader in Ministry

In a world of comparison and competition, it’s easy to feel not good enough, different, or like we’re somehow falling short of God’s expectations or desires. In this episode, Carter interviews Erin Thompson about her journey from insecurity and false guilt to leading from her identity in Christ and His deep love for her.

Top 5 Episodes of the BLP in 2019

As we close out the first year of the Bible Leadership Podcast, we thought it’d be fun to take a look back at the episodes YOU GUYS seemed to enjoy most. Thank you for listening to the Bible Leadership Podcast, and Happy New Year!

Practical Strategies for a Killer Sabbath

We know a Sabbath is vital to the health of a leader and their ministry, but how do we actually do it? What do we do on a Sabbath? How does it work? In this episode, Carter and special guest Rick Egbert conclude their discussion about the importance of Sabbath and offer some practical tips for success.