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Leading FOR Jesus, disconnected FROM Jesus, makes no sense.

Your influence was meant to flow from the wellspring of God’s Word, not just the latest leadership books.

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The Problem of Shallow Christianity

How would you rate your Kingdom comprehension? Is Christianity simply a box we check, a free pass to heaven, or is there more to the story? Join Pastors Carter and Jamie Wamsley as they delve deep into what Jesus’ Gospel shows us about the Kingdom of God and what it could mean to the Church and our lives, today.

You Need to Let Go of the Ending | When Your World Caves In (Part 4 of 4)

You’ve been through the fire, tried all the steps, done all you know to do, and yet your situation didn’t change, the thorn in your flesh hasn’t been removed, and your righteousness hasn’t shown like the sun (Psalm 37:6).

Don’t Lose Hope That You Will Laugh Again | When Your World Caves In (Part 3 of 4)

What do we do when the world has caved in but no one, not even God, seems to be willing to come dig us out?

How Does One Reconnect with Jesus?

Reconnecting with Jesus is the simplest thing in the world.

Maybe you’ve been away from God and find yourself with a desire to be closer with Him, but your feelings of shame are overwhelming…

Two Easy to Avoid, Must-Have Conversations

Words oftentimes matter more than we realize, am I right? While it’s tempting to shy away, these two types of discussions will change your leadership forever. Here’s how to shift perspective and take hold of these opportunities to build up and care for your people and the church. All for the glory of Jesus!

Is God Correcting Us?

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Leadership is a calling I didn’t even know how to take seriously in my young walk with The Lord. Bible Leadership was the daily reinforcement I needed to navigate the sometimes murky waters of that calling.

-Chris A.

…a great foundation for real-world difficulties from a Christian perspective.

-Dianna D.

Constructive truth in my inbox that is applicable to common situations in my life, and points me to Christ!

-Martin V.

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