Bible-Centric Leadership Tips

Leading FOR Jesus, disconnected FROM Jesus, makes no sense.

Your influence was meant to flow from the wellspring of God’s Word, not just the latest leadership books.

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Three Steps to Better Decision Making

In this episode, Chris Rivers speaks with Mark Carter and discusses the building blocks for making good decisions. Chris is the founder of CultureBus, which he created to help teams create tools to ensure a forward-moving culture.

Who Is On Your Board of Directors?

For the leader, the job of asking questions is probably never done.

What Should We Do When Change is Unexpected?

Leadership Lesson: Surrendering to change often IS surrendering to God.

Overcoming Insecurity as a Female Leader in Ministry (Part 2)

In the rush and temptation to ‘make it all happen’, are you owning too much of your leadership results? How do we put ourselves aside, allowing God do what only He can do, in and through us? In part 2 of this series, Carter and Erin Thompson delve into how to lead from a place of ultimate security and freedom in Christ.

Bold Ask: You Should Ignore the Impulse to be Courteous

Leadership Lesson: Leaders are askers.

Failure to ask is often TIMIDITY wrapped in the guise of COURTESY.

Overcoming Insecurity as a Female Leader in Ministry (Part 1)

In a world of comparison and competition, it’s easy to feel not good enough, different, or like we’re somehow falling short of God’s expectations or desires. In this episode, Carter interviews Erin Thompson about her journey from insecurity and false guilt to leading from her identity in Christ and His deep love for her.

Did God Forget His Promise to You?

David was just a boy when the prophet anointed him to be the future king of Israel. The spectacle of having the great Samuel pour oil over his head in front of his family must have created some mind-blowing expectations in the boy (1 Samuel 16:13).

Can You Handle People Being Unimpressed With You?

Could you use more direction from the Holy Spirit? (The answer is “Yes”).

While it would not be correct to describe the Holy Spirit as a chatterbox, it’s also wrong to say that He doesn’t speak, guide and instruct those who seek His direction.

10 Years Into A Church Plant – Avoid These Mistakes (Part 3)

Carter and Brandon continue their discussion about their church planting experience. In this episode, they encourage young leaders to hold plans and people loosely and to value systems over splash.

Leadership is a calling I didn’t even know how to take seriously in my young walk with The Lord. Bible Leadership was the daily reinforcement I needed to navigate the sometimes murky waters of that calling.

-Chris A.

…a great foundation for real-world difficulties from a Christian perspective.

-Dianna D.

Constructive truth in my inbox that is applicable to common situations in my life, and points me to Christ!

-Martin V.

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