10 Years Into a Church Plant – Avoid These Mistakes (Part 2)

Carter and Brandon discuss two more lessons learned in the early years of a church plant: 1) be sure to get wisdom, coaching and vision, and 2) be slow to trust people who brag; everybody starts at the bottom.

10 Years Into a Church Plant – Avoid These Mistakes

So, you want to start a church or you’re in the first several years of a church plant? Carter and Brandon discuss four lessons lived and learned over the past ten years since their church plant partnership.

Top 5 Episodes of the BLP in 2019

As we close out the first year of the Bible Leadership Podcast, we thought it’d be fun to take a look back at the episodes YOU GUYS seemed to enjoy most. Thank you for listening to the Bible Leadership Podcast, and Happy New Year!

Practical Strategies for a Killer Sabbath

We know a Sabbath is vital to the health of a leader and their ministry, but how do we actually do it? What do we do on a Sabbath? How does it work? In this episode, Carter and special guest Rick Egbert conclude their discussion about the importance of Sabbath and offer some practical tips for success.

Leadership Regrets: Not Observing the Sabbath

Ministry is exciting and busy, especially in the beginning! When we leaders get so wrapped up that we fail to observe the Sabbath, however, we are living by our own strength, which 100% of the time falls short. God wants to do more, and will when we obey and abide. In this episode, Carter and Rick Egbert discuss the hows and whys of working from rest, instead of the other way around.

Two Humility Reminders for the Highly Competent

Is your confidence in yourself, or in God? Do you value the counsel of others? Are you aware of your blind spots? In this episode, Pastor Mark Carter and special guest Pastor Gary Ricci discuss how to remain humble as a leader, keeping the focus where it belongs: Jesus.

Two Leadership Seasons That Need Special Attention

You know God’s calling on your life. You’re on the path and boldly stepping forward toward the vision He has provided, but internally you’re struggling with feelings of anxiety, frustration, and inadequacy. Sound familiar? It’s easy to compare our start with someone else’s middle or end, but God has a plan in all of the seasons of leadership. In today’s episode, Carter discusses with Pastor Mark Albrecht of NorthBridge Church his personal experience persevering through the two key seasons of leadership.

What Should We Learn From Leaders Who Have a Public Moral Failure? (Part 2)

It seems like leaders are falling more and more these days. How does this happen? What leads to these tragedies? How is the Church dealing with the aftermath? In this episode, Carter wraps up his interview with Pastor Scott Chapman of The Chapel to discover what we can learn from leaders who have a public moral failure.

What Should We Learn From Leaders Who Have a Public Moral Failure? (Part 1)

It seems like leaders are falling more and more these days. How does this happen? What leads to these tragedies? How is the Church dealing with the aftermath? In this episode, Carter interviews Pastor Scott Chapman of The Chapel to discover what we can learn from leaders who have a public moral failure.

Three Heart Attitudes for Long-Term Healthy Ministry (Part 2)

So many of us have concerns about what other people think, which is a major detriment to leading strong for Jesus. In this episode, Carter continues his talk with Pastor Brian Davies as they discuss the question every leader should ask themselves regularly — Do I care too much what other people think?

Faithfulness is the Right Heart-Set of a Leader

Faithfulness is the right heart-set of a leader. But we often miss the lessons faithfulness would teach us because we are so eager to get out of the season we’re in and into the NEXT one.

Jesus Didn’t Die for Your Heart to Be Dry

Leaders who last put their walk first.

Three Questions to Increase Your Vision This Year

God’s answer to aimlessness is vision. Vision is a sense of enlightened direction from God. It is a crystal-clear picture of a preferred future. It is what God is empowering you to bring about in a particular area of life.

How to Get More Out of Worship

Every person, every spiritual leader, and every church has a calling to carry the fire of worship.

Prayers That Will Help You Think Right

Maintaining inner integrity is so important when serving in a leadership role, but concerns about outward appearances can sometimes interfere with that integrity. When our actions, motivations, thinking, and personal identity are not firmly rooted in serving God, our inner integrity can diminish. Here are several prayers to help you pursue and maintain inner integrity through right actions, right motivations, right thinking, and remembering your identity is in Christ.

If People Gave Like You, Would their Blessing Increase?

Leadership Lesson: Spiritual leaders model and encourage disciplined generosity. In a 2017 study, the Barna group found notable differences in what they termed Christians who are Givers and Keepers.

How to Get it Back When Vision and Passion Leak

The problem with vision, passion, and insight is that it leaks.  Even if you’ve been leading for decades, everybody’s cup runs low.

How to Access the Fire Your Soul Craves

Low-Cost Christianity cannot and will not produce a life of fire.

Four Reasons You’re Not On Fire and How to Fix It

One of Satan’s greatest lies is the suggestion that feeling close to God is a passing phase.

What to Do When You Don’t Understand Your Life

Part of spiritual maturity is growing in faith that God tells us WHAT we need to know WHEN it’s time to know it. 

Leaders Have Problems – and That’s a Good Thing

The function of a leader is to handle problems, but without balance, that can become exhausting. How do we rest in the midst of problems?

Four Leadership Gauges to Help You Spot Problems Sooner

Like a car dashboard tells you what is true under the hood, so checking these four leadership gauges with your team will help you spot difficulties ahead of time and gain steam to go the distance.

Jesus Didn’t Take Responsibility for Everybody’s Problems

How to avoid absorbing other people’s pain or problems by following Jesus’ example of focusing on the Father and doing His will.

How to Foster an Optimistic Team

If you want the best creative input from people, you can’t exasperate them.

If You Can’t Serve God With Excellence, Don’t Serve Him

If you can’t serve God with excellence, don’t serve Him.

3 Ways to Create a Culture of Warmth, Respect, and Excellence

Watch Time ~5 Minutes Posted on January 16, 2019Shareable ImagesCORE LEADERSHIP CONCEPTSQuick...

4 Ways Leaders Can Improve Cultural Communication

Watch Time ~4 Minutes Posted on January 9, 2019Shareable ImagesCORE LEADERSHIP CONCEPTSQuick...
#MyPeople: A Generation of Honor

#MyPeople: A Generation of Honor

Do you find yourself struggling with submitting to authority? God gives us clear direction on who to honor. As Pastor Mark Carter discussed in today’s message, when we are honest with each other and ourselves and follow His commandments we learn that He is all we need.

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Quick tips to help you accelerate your leadership impact.

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