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This site, dedicated to Bible leadership, is one that explores the Bible and its wisdom in an intense and open manner. The term, leadership, as used here is much more than instructing managers how to become good leaders in the corporate and/or non-profit worlds, although that topic is discussed. Leadership, as defined in the Bible, is for all of us. Leadership is an attitude, a behavior and an influence. Each one of us needs to exhibit leadership strategies in our relationships with others, in our marriages, in our workplaces, in our child rearing and in every other aspect of our lives. We will explore all of these topics in the following pages. Feel free to navigate to the topics that interest you the most.

The authors of this Bible leadership site believe that God is real, the Creator of this universe and all that is in it; that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the second person of the Trinity; that the Bible is the Word of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction and for instruction in righteoussness (II Timothy 3:16). In today's world, our Country is losing its moral compass, and there is an increasing blurring of the line between what is right and what is wrong. In fact, there have become varying definitions of right and wrong. The Bible provides that much needed moral compass. Let's explore these topics together.

The apostle Paul in his letter to the church at Corinth, criticized the Christ followers for being "babes in Christ." By that, he meant the people there had only a superficial knowledge of what God desired them to know about Him and the redemptive work of Christ. Paul wanted them to grow into mature believers, knowing the word as then revealed and the teachings of the disciples of the Lord. It is our prayer that this Bible leadership site will be the vehicle and the encouragement for Christ followers, no matter where they are in their spiritual development, to be able to grow and mature more in Christ. It is developed with prayerful concern that it can be used to interact with many who want to know the Lord and what He says in his Word. Our desire is to develop the site as a relative and applicable source of Biblical information for everyone who takes time to visit. We are planning soon to have interactive Bible studies where you will be able to sign on at certain times and actively take part in live discussions. We will also have a "Talk Bible with Gene" using a group meeting type vehicle. Please check often for new pages and these upcoming segments. We are desirous of your feedback and your suggestions on how to make the site most effective. Use the feedback form found on the Author's page.

Another helpful website for women is The Site is designed to help women coping with the stress from balancing personal and professional responsibilities as they grow in heart, mind and soul.

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Updated information about bible leadership concepts being discussed.
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Meet Dr. Gene Gatty, who presents insightful interpretation of the Bible Scripture for useful daily applications.
Gene's Book
The Book If You Do--God Will
Age and its Biblical Relevance
Age needs to be respected
How to Become Successful
How to become successful
Bible Study of Hebrews
Bible study of Hebrews, Verse by Verse
Body as Temple of God
Our Body Needs Discipline
Coaching Leaders to Excel
A Model for Coaching Leaders
Bible Leadership Coaching and Mentoring with Gene
Leadership coaching mentoring
Discipleship: A Really Tight Seal
Discipleship is growing or maturing in the Lord. As Christians, it is important that you spend time learning from the Bible.
Don't Panic
Panic controlled by God's strength
No Need to Be Discouraged
David's Was Discouraged
Divorce for Christians
This article discusses a Biblical view of divorce for Christians.
Eternal Life Provided by the Shepherd
God's gift of Eternal Life
An Anchor for our soul
God provides us with a solid anchor for our soul by offering his son, Jesus Christ.
Faith and Science
Faith and Science coexist
Finding Rest to our Souls
Finding true rest for our souls as discussed in Jeremiah 6:16.
God Does It Forever
God Makes Things to Last
The Greatest Gift of All
Greatest gift is joy
Guaranteed Blessings
Do we want God's blessings? Make reading and meditating with the Bible a daily practice!
Leadership Style of Jesus
Leadership of Jesus
Judas in Heaven or Hell?
Is Judas in Heaven or Hell?
Know God Lives
know that God lives and we will see him
Without Knowledge, People Are Destroyed
Knowledge of God Is Imperative
Bible Leadership
Leadership As Biblically Defined
Letter to an Athiest
Letter of Questions to an Athiest
The Mercy of the Lord
God's Mercy shows in our lives
Motivation Comes from God
Motivation comes from God
Do Pets Go to Heaven
Pets go to Heaven
Prayer Model
Prayer Model of Matthew 6
The Best Role Model
A Role Model to Emulate
servant leadership
Servant Leadership Is Jesus' Style
Separated from God's Love ?
Not Separated from God's Love
Spiritual Gifts
How to identify spiritual gifts
Transformed life
Transformed and <br><br>charged life
Only Trust Him
Trust the Lord for Direction
Worry Is Not for the Christian
Worry is God's job
Unity of Believers
Unity of Believers does not exist
What Is Wrong
Defines What Is Wrong and how to fix the issue
Biblestudy Resources
Biblestudy Resources
A Personal Bible Study Invitation
do you desire to dig deeply into the Bible? Would you like a mentor to lead you in a personal Bible study? If so, contact me.

An Invitation to Study With Me!

Biblical study

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